Vicki Shively’s early career goal was to work in the motion picture and television industry. In 1990 she graduated from the University of Oklahoma where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Filmmaking. Over the subsequent 25 years, she successfully pursued her chosen field. From 1991 through 2015 she worked as both a freelance artist and full-time employee for several television studios and post-production shops in Colorado and Los Angeles. As a Senior Art Director and Creative Director, she designed, developed and executed projects for both major motion pictures and television series for studios such as Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Studios, Sony Entertainment, Warner Brothers Films, the Oprah Winfrey Network, CBS, NBC, Disney Films and Disney Channels. She has been an active member of the Visual Effects Society (VFX) since 2009, and a VFX Society awards judge for 2009-2011 and 2014-2015. She was Keynote speaker at the industry’s Motion conference in 2007 and was nominated for a Designer Emmy award in 2004. She holds creative awards from Promax (2003), BDA (2002), a Cable Ace Award (1993) and two Telly awards (1992).

In 2015, Vicki decided she was ready to pursue a new career direction. She believes it is essential to conserve all forms of moving images and wishes to continue the legacy of past archivists by helping others to access these materials, improve scholarly research, and possibly wrangle in some of the chaos of our current digital world. Because of her extensive audiovisual background, and after researching several institutions, she settled on Indiana University as the best place to pursue a Master’s Degree in Library Science with a specialization Digital Libraries and a focus on Moving Image Archives. She moved to Indiana in late 2015 and began her Master’s studies in January 2016. She is presently a member of the Student Art Librarian Society, serving as their graphic designer, and an active member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. In addition to her graduate studies, she works as a moving image archive assistant for the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive under the charge of Director Rachael Stoeltje and Andy Uhrich.

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